OTK Hardcore Mak'gora Event

About the Event

The OTK Network has partnered with Blizzard and Starforge to bring you the OTK/Starforge Hardcore Mak'gora, powered by Raider.IO! This epic Tournament will be taking place on the Official Hardcore Servers on WoW Classic Era, and is open to all players!

Register today for your chance to ascend to glory and earn your piece of the $100,000 prize pool! Character Creation opens on October 6th at 12pm CST, and players will have until October 30th to level to 60, gear up, and prepare!
Qualifiers will take place on October 30th, with the final showdown of Mak'gora duels-to-the-death on October 31st. The Qualifiers and Finals will be broadcast live on the following twitch channels! The Qualifiers and Finals start at 12pm CST. For more information, check out the Official Announcement and join the OTK Hardcore Mak'gora Discord.
Your quest for greatness awaits!

How to Register

For complete registration instructions, please visit the Character Creation section of the announcement page for additional information.
  • Create a brand new HORDE Character on the SKULL ROCK Hardcore Realm (NA) of WoW Classic Era
  • Ensure your character has “SFMG" at the end of its name
  • Log out of your new Character, and hit the “Back” button.
  • Resync your Bnet on Raider.IO Classic
  • Fill out the Registration Form, and select your SFMG Character
  • Subsequently made Characters will need to be Registered individually as they are created (upon death, for example)
  • Log back into your SFMG Character and request an invite to the guild <Starforge Mak’gora> from Starforgesys, Rokmansfmg, Esfandsfmg, or Prestigesfmg.
  • Start leveling!
By registering for, or participating in the SFMG event, all SFMG competitors and participants have agreed to adhere to and abide by the information listed in the Rules and Regulations. Additionally, by registering for and participating in the SFMG, competitors and participants understand that OTK, Esfandtv, Xaryu, Raider.IO, and others may rebroadcast footage of their streams on their streaming and VOD channels. SFMG competitors and participants acknowledge that they have read and understood all of the information listed in the Rules and Regulations.
DISCLAIMER: World of Warcraft Dueling is not an officially supported Blizzard esport. While our team is working tirelessly to ensure a smooth and fair experience, there is a possibility that something goes awry during this event. If you are uncomfortable losing your character or an opportunity at the prize pool due to a technicality, administrative decision, an in-game bug, etc., this is NOT THE TOURNAMENT FOR YOU.
Registration has closed.